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Version: 2B9DB011

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Take notes, annotate, sketch ideas, make photo montage, doodle your world in a creative way ! 

Depending on your device, draw with your stylus, your fingers or with a computer mouse. You can also combine active stylus and touch gestures to zoom or move the paper.

- Add photos on the whiteboard from your device, clipboard, camera, or web page.
- Create toast notifications: reminders, alarms.
- Pin your production to start screen.
- Handwriting recognition : your inks strokes are converted into raw text (this service may not be available on your device).
- Insert additional information using your voice (speech to text).
- Import PDF files and insert pages as images on the whiteboard.
- Import a map as an image on the whiteboard.
- Save your creation to PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF.
- Share your masterpiece to Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail, OneDrive... it depends on what apps you have installed.
- Broadcast your whiteboard on your local network and ink in real-time with other Inkodo users.
- Launch your inks remotely and draw between devices.
- Sync your saved inks with OneDrive.

- PRINT: unlock pages & books printing tool.
- PDF: unlock import options.
- IMAGE FILTERS: unlock export tool.
- MAPS: unlock the destination field to draw a route between 2 locations."

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